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Welcome to our baby monitor reviews website. We offer a large selection of the top rated baby monitors Baby Monitor Reviewsavailable today and help with overcoming the challenges of selecting the right monitor for your unique needs.  Find the monitor that is most suitable for you and best fits your home environment.

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Welcome To Baby Monitor Reviews

Baby Monitor Reviews
Welcome to baby monitor reviews. Here you will find a complete and comprehensive collection of the most top rated baby monitors. We strive to provide you with the latest and most popular Baby Monitors on the market. We have compiled a list of the best baby monitors from the 13 primary brands in North America. Think of this site as an “Exposition” of the best rated baby monitors available today. You will find our collection of baby monitor reviews helpful to enable you to choose the right monitor.

So Many Types and Brands of Baby Monitors
There is an overwhelming variety and brands of baby monitors available on the market today. Each have their own set of features, strengths, and weaknesses. If you are unfamiliar with baby monitors in general you may have a daunting task of ferreting out the best one for you. If you choose one that doesn’t work well or doesn’t really meet your needs you will soon grow to hate your monitor. If on the other hand you choose one that is just right you will soon grow to love your monitor and enjoy the benefit of getting some sleep you will soon desperately crave as a new mother or new dad. After a few days you will have the confidence your new monitor will wake you when your baby needs you.

This Is A Product Review Site
We at Baby Monitor Expo do not make recommendations or promote any one monitor. The goal of the website is to present a large number of Baby Monitors in a consistent and uniform way for ease of comparisons. This site will not recommend any one baby monitor. It will not have an “Editors Choice”, a “Top Pick”, or a “Best Buy”. The reason is because each family has unique needs and each family should choose a baby monitor based on those needs; not from someone else’s recommendation or suggestion.

Key Takeaway Point: A “great” baby monitor with lots of features, high marks and lots of reviews, and appears on the Amazon’s best sellers list can be perfect for one family and absolutely wrong for another family. Each family, new parents, expecting parents, caregivers, etc. have their own unique needs, life-style, and home environment. They should choose a monitor based solely on that criteria and not on the recommendation others or from some baby monitor review site.

The baby monitor reviews on this site describe the products, their features, their strengths and weaknesses with minimum bias for or against them. So there won’t be any recommendations to buy this product or that product. There will be from time-to-time a featured monitor, product spotlight of the month, etc to introduce a new monitor or to highlight an exceptional product.

The Baby Monitors included in this site come from the top 13 US brands, they must have a 2.5 star rating or higher, they must have many product reviews from users. In some cases there may be baby monitors with a small number of reviews because it is a recently introduced product but it is getting high marks. The goal of this site is to present good products and eliminate those that are of poor performance and have low ratings from actual users.

The key benefits of this website:

• Features over 60 baby monitor reviews from the 13 major US brands
• Only monitors with good reviews, high ratings, popular and selling well.
• Clear and uniform itemization of monitor features
• Easy methodology to choose the “right” monitor *
• Offers the lowest online prices
More than 50 baby monitor reviews

Goal and Focus of Baby Monitor Expo:
The primary goal of Baby Monitor Expo is to enable and guide parents, single mom’s, grandparents, infant caregivers, etc. to choose the right baby monitor based on their individual needs, life-style, and their unique home environment. It solves the problem of selecting the right monitor. It assists in the selection of the right monitor – minimizes the chance of selecting the wrong monitor.  Consider Baby Monitor Expo as the “go-to” place for the best baby monitor reviews and the best baby monitors.

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Why So Many Kinds of Baby Monitors?

When you begin searching for the right baby monitor, you may become overwhelmed to find that there are hundreds of choices available on the market today. How can you possibly decide between the different brands, styles and models that are available? Basically, all baby monitors perform one simple function…they allow you to know what is happening in your baby’s crib while you are away from your sleeping baby. So what is it that makes for so many kinds of bay monitors?

Wired or Wireless

Although the function that all baby monitors do is simple, the way in which they work can be a bit more complicated. In days past there were two types of baby monitors, wired and wireless, making decisions a bit simpler. With a wired model, cords would physically attach the two components of the baby monitor, while with a wireless option, both components would remain detached from one another. Wired has basically gone away.

One of the first things that you will notice when researching your baby monitor options is that most brands still market their product as wireless. However, this feature description is actually not necessary since most, if not all, of today’s baby monitors are wireless. To put this into perspective, you can consider the auto industry. All cars have power steering, so auto manufacturers do not advertise their vehicles as having power steering as a feature because it is standard among all vehicles. Just as power steering is not listed as a feature on a car, wireless need not be listed as a feature for baby monitors.

Two Basic Types – Analog and Digital

First, there are two basic types of baby monitors, analog and digital. An analog baby monitor offers a simpler way for parents to monitor their children. However, with a digital baby monitor, parents are given a bit more functionality and there are typically more ways in which a baby can be protected. Both versions of baby monitors have multiple ways that they can function.

Audio Types

The first option is audio. An audio baby monitor is the simplest version that you will find. Sound is transmitted from the parent monitor to the receptor so that caregivers can hear what is going on in the baby’s room. This option offers a no fuss, simple option when choosing a baby monitor. Some of the more advanced models allow for dual communication through the monitor, but others only offer one-way communication.

Video Types

Another option that is becoming increasingly popular is a video baby monitor. With this option parents and caregivers are able to view their baby on a small monitor. The video feed is transmitted from a small camera that is placed near the baby’s crib. Many models will only allow you to see your baby, but others will allow for both audio and video monitoring.

Movement Types

Movement is also monitored by some types of baby monitors. Baby movement monitors alert parents to potential issues by monitoring the baby’s movement by way of a device that is placed under the baby’s crib or onto the baby’s diaper. Although with this option you will not be able to see the baby, you will be alerted if your baby stops moving. Many parents who choose a baby movement monitor also opt to purchase a baby audio monitor as well.

Breathing Types

Another similar option is a breathing baby monitor. Most of these options are completely wireless and allow parents to be alerted if their baby stops breathing. Many of these devices are clipped directly onto the baby’s diaper and measure the baby’s breathing patterns through touch. These devices are highly sensitive and many offer multiple ways in which to alert the caregiver of issues, including audio alerts, video alerts as well as alarms and buzzers.

WiFi and Internet Types

Some baby monitor options, such as WiFi baby monitors and Internet baby monitors, are still rising in popularity. These are often referred to as ‘nanny cams’ and allow parents to watch over their babies as they are cared for by someone else. With these monitors, parents are able to ensure that their child is cared for according to the standards that are expected.


Trends are always appearing in the baby market. What was popular last week will be old news next month and there is always something new waiting around the corner. Although audio only monitors are still quite popular, others are quickly rising in popularity. Video monitors also are extremely popular and internet and WiFi are just beginning to make their mark on the industry.

Choosing The Best Baby Monitor

Choosing the best baby monitor for your family is an important step in preparing for your baby’s arrival. You will need to put a bit of research into the process so that you can make the best decision between the many types that are available. With a little help from our website, you will be able to find all the information that you need in order to make this decision a little bit easier.



General Overview Of Baby Monitors

Quick Overview of Baby Monitors – Here is a brief (3.43 min) overview of the major considerations when selecting a monitor.